Spiders are beneficial to the natural environment because they control the insect population. In fact, their sometimes voracious appetites for bugs makes them a welcome neighbor in many gardens. This perspective changes when too many of them are found inside human habitations. It is then that many people seek spider control.

An unusually high number of spiders in and around buildings may indicate a larger pest problem since spiders are drawn to places where they are likely to find a meal. The most frequently seen species in Bucks County include common house spiders, grass spiders, yellow garden spiders and agrarian sac spiders. Scheduling an inspection by an experienced pest control provider control is the first step toward addressing this problem.


These eight-legged arachnids have multiple eyes to help them spot prey. Most spiders are covered in fine hairs and are either black or brown, though colors like white, green and yellow also may be seen. Their bodies feature two main segments called the cephalothorax and the abdomen. Most spiders are equipped with fang-like appendages in their mouths that help to immobilize prey. Web-making spiders have at least one pair of spinnerets to produce silk.


Spiders capture and eat numerous troublesome species like mosquitoes, flies and aphids. Crickets and beetles similarly may form part of their regular diet. Butterflies and moths that become entangled in webs mid-flight also will be consumed. Some spider species will even eat other spiders.


Web-building spiders like to place their traps where they are most likely to find a meal. Consequently, they will make a web in high spots where flying insects easily can become entangled. Because insects are drawn to light, spiders look for well-lit places for their webs. This is why spider webs tend to proliferate around outdoor lights. Some spiders are more interested in walking insects, causing them to build webs at or near ground level.

Inside homes and offices, spiders build webs in the upper corners of rooms, door frames and window frames. Light fixtures are another common site for a web. Other spiders may place a web in a dark, cluttered spot where they are less likely to be observed and bothered.


Most spiders in Bucks County pose no threat to the health of people and pets. Still, some species are capable of delivering a painful bite if they are taken by surprise. More often, people are simply troubled by the presence of multiple spiders and webs where they should not be. This uneasiness multiplies when a spider hatch occurs indoors. With perhaps hundreds of tiny spiders suddenly being released, it is easy for people to feel as if their home or office is being overrun. The assistance of a professional exterminator is essential in these circumstances.


Unlike many insect species, spiders tend to lead a solitary existence except when they mate. They are accomplished hunters, and most of their time is spent in spinning webs to catch prey or spinning a silk cocoon around edible insects that become ensnared in their web. It is not unusual for a spider to consume hundreds of small prey items in a single day.

The spiders in Bucks County tend not to be aggressive toward people or pets. In general, they prefer to avoid confrontations with people, but they will react with a bite if they feel threatened. These instances nearly always arise when people do not see spiders, such as when these pests are hiding in a shoe.


There are few health problems associated with the most common spider species found in Bucks County. That is because most of these spiders do not have a particularly potent venom. Bites from these spiders typically do little damage beyond a red, raised bump that may be itchy for a few hours or a day or two.

However, there are rare cases of people being allergic to spider venom. These peoples' well-being and lives may be threatened by a single spider bite. Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction may include generalized swelling, dizziness, nausea, fainting and difficulty breathing. Anyone exhibiting these symptoms should seek immediate medical attention.


Spider control may be necessary when these signs are present:

Multiple webs and spiders spotted in and around buildings
Spider egg sacs attached to walls, roofs and ceilings


It may be possible to prevent spiders from invading by taking these steps:

• Regularly remove webs from the exterior of structures
• Dust and vacuum in the corners of rooms
• Keep window and door frames free of webs
• Use minimal outdoor lighting to avoid attracting insects
• Eliminate clutter in and around buildings to limit possible hiding spots
• Immediately repair cracks and holes in foundations, walls and window and door frames
• Have regular pest control inspections and treatments to control insect and arachnid populations


Hundreds of spider species are found in Bucks County. Most of them have no desire to be inside human habitations, but others do. When they come inside, spiders tend to make people uneasy, which is why immediate removal is desired.

An infestation of spiders may indicate other pest problems on the property. A professional pest control provider can inspect and treat for a variety of pests. They will employ the best method and product usage to control and eliminate the situation, as well as to recommend any repairs and and lifestyle changes that can help discourage spiders and other pests from taking up residence.

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