Bed Bugs Are Brutal
Don't let them steal your sleep and sanity.


Bed Bugs strike a certain amount of fear in homeowners, apartment dwellers, hotels, schools, and hospitals. As prolific breeders, one female bed bug can bring about 5,000 or more bed bugs within a period of as little as six months. 

The name “bed bug” is somewhat misleading because even though bed bugs prefer beds, they are not solely confined to them, and are commonly found hiding inside upholstery seams, mattress buttons, household fixtures, and many other places that are able to shelter them from human eyes.


Bed bugs are a rust brown color and are flat and oval shaped. They grow to be about 3/16” (4-5mm) which makes them just tiny enough to hide in many types of cracks and crevices. After feeding they become reddish brown while filled with blood.


Bed bugs are bloodsucking insects, and their only food source is blood. The common bed bug, also called the Cimex lectularius, feeds on humans, but some bed bugs also feed on animals. It is not uncommon for bed bugs to go many weeks or months between feedings.


Being keen hiders that take refuge during the day, bed bugs can prove to be extremely difficult to eradicate without  the proper materials, equipment, and know-how.


Bed bugs typically only come out at night to feed. Because of this, and their size, they are difficult to spot. They can also easily fit into tiny areas when hiding during the day. These areas include box springs, material folds, inside clothing, buttons, electrical outlets, window and door moldings, and many other places.


Although a bed bug bite can cause itching, which, depending on the person, can be mild to severe, they are not generally known for carrying disease. Bed bugs usually bite humans around the ankles and the feet, which is where they gain the quickest and easiest access to blood. Those allergic to bed bug bites may develop a severe allergic reaction including hives, as well as other types of body and localized skin rashes.


While bed bugs can be very difficult to spot there are ways to detect them. It is important to note that bites contracted during the night do not necessarily indicate that they are from bed bugs. Such bites may be from a mosquito, spider, or other insect. But there are other clues to look for: Bed bug fecal matter which is actually digested blood that has turned black, will produce a presence of black spots in a particular area. Visual examination of mattress seams, upholstery cording, plastic corner guards, should be performed when searching for bed bugs.

Additionally, blood stains or a musty odor can indicate the presence of bed bugs.


Bed bugs are so crafty that avoiding them is not always possible.  However, there are some precautions that can be taken to help ensure they are not encountered when at home or away:

• When traveling, keep luggage on the rack instead of on top of dressers or other furniture.  Do  not
put clothes inside the dresser drawers. Keep all personal items inside sealed plastic bags.

• When traveling, visually examine the contents of the room, namely the mattress, headboard, box spring, and other furniture before unpacking.  If the presence of bed bugs is discovered or suspected,
move into another room.

• Buy bed bug proof encasements for pillows and mattresses to protect them from bed bugs.

• Upon leaving a hotel, place all items including luggage inside a sealed trash bag. This will help ensure that vehicles do not become infested if bed bugs are encountered along the way.

• Launder all clothing upon arriving home, or have them dry cleaned to kill any bed bugs that might be present.

• If used clothing is purchased from a garage sale or from a consignment shop, bring items home inside a sealed bag and launder immediately as a precaution.  Avoid used furniture altogether or have the items professionally cleaned before bringing them inside.


There are a number of different methods and techniques for DIY bed bug removal. However, such do-it-yourself treatments rarely, if ever, prove either successful or permanent.  That is why it is important to call a professional pest control company.

SafeGuard  Pest Control, LLC. has been providing area homeowners and business owners with quality, long-lasting pest control extermination services for nearly 30 years.  And as a licensed pest control provider, we have the products, tools, and experience to eradicate any type of bed bug infestation.

We provide clients with a 100% guarantee and follow up visits to ensure peace of mind and complete bed bug eradication.


If you suspect you may have a bed bug problem, call us. We will conduct a FREE professional inspection of your  home or business within a 10-mile radius of our office, searching for all of the known tell-tale signs of a bed bug problem, in all of the areas that could harbor bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

In the event bed bugs are discovered, we will discuss our findings with you and explain the best treatment options for your situation.
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