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A possible bed bug infestation is a serious concern for any Bensalem home or business. That is because these pests are sneaky enough to disturb anyone's peace of mind. Add the fact that bed bugs are capable of incredibly fast reproduction, and it's easy to see why a swift resolution is imperative.

Prompt bed bug control also is desirable because these pests may represent a threat to the health and well-being of the occupants of the home or office. Most people who are bitten by bed bugs have little reaction at all, but certain individuals have a severe allergic reaction. While typically not life-threatening, it can certainly be uncomfortable, and most people would prefer to act quickly to correct the situation instead of waiting to see if it improves without intervention.

When a bed bug infestation is suspected, many questions come to mind. How were bed bugs brought into the home? Are they the only people to have this problem? How can a bed bug infestation be eliminated? Is it possible to be certain that the pest is truly gone?

The reality is that bed bug infestations are far more common in Bensalem than most people realize. In fact, bed bug infestations occur across the U.S. and around the globe. Sometimes, it seems like nowhere is safe from these pests. With the help of a licensed bed bug exterminator, it is possible to put an end to an infestation for good.


Bed bugs can be found almost anywhere on the planet. They are well able to adapt to all sorts of climates, and when conditions are right, they can multiply with incredible speed. Infestations may occur in single-family dwellings and apartment complexes. They have been discovered in schools, hotels, retail stores, offices and theaters. Bed bugs even may be found on public transportation and in cars.

With bed bugs being capable of surviving in so many different places, it is no wonder that this problem is so widespread. People bring bed bugs home with them from school or work or after visiting the home of a friend or relative. Occasionally, when people return from vacation, they bring unwanted visitors with them, usually clinging to their luggage or clothing.

Bed bugs get their common name from their habit of concealing themselves in and around beds. They emerge under cover of darkness to feed on the blood of a sleeping host, which is typically a human. Most people cannot abide the idea of a bloodthirsty creature dining on their blood while they sleep, necessitating a prompt intervention by a professional bed bug exterminator.


Bed bugs do not fly, which means that they must seek alternative means of transportation. They may burrow into the seams of upholstered furnishings, a piece of clothing or a handbag or suitcase with the hope that the human owner of the item will help to lead them to a likely spot to nest and feed.

The species is good at crawling and clinging, which means that flying is not necessary. This is just one more factor that can make a bed bug infestation difficult to identify.


Frequently, the first sign of a bed bug infestation is the appearance of raised, itchy welts on human skin. These welts are the result of bed bug bites, though they are sometimes mistaken for the bites of other insects like mosquitoes. Misidentification of the source of the bites is one of the main reasons why some infestations are allowed to continue for a prolonged period. People simply don't realize that they have a problem.

Some people may experience burning and itching in connection with these bites, but many people do not feel any uncomfortable sensation. However, they notice that they have several bites in a localized area or that they seem to have straight lines of bites marching across their skin. This may indicate a bed bug problem.

Bed bug bites may be treated by cleansing them with soap and water and then applying an anti-itch cream. Of course, the best remedy is to have the infestation eliminated by an experienced pest control provider.


Bed bugs are tiny, with many adults being about the size of the head of a pin. This small size makes them difficult to see. They are a brownish color unless they have had a recent blood meal, in which case they will take on a more reddish-brown cast.

Additionally, bed bugs are exceptionally good at hiding. They may hide within the seams of a mattress or bed linens. The bed frame, headboard and footboard provide other likely hiding spots. When the prime locations in and around the bed are all occupied, the rest of the bed bug population must look for other places to sleep. They may establish themselves in bedside tables or lamps. Some bed bugs have been found inside remote controls, behind the cover plates on light switches or electrical outlets or even behind pictures hanging on the wall.


This ability to hide makes bed bugs difficult for the average person to find. This is one of the reasons why it is advisable to ask for the assistance of an experienced professional. They will know precisely where to look so that they can identify the species behind the infestation. This makes it possible to properly eliminate the population.

An experienced, well-trained technician will usually not need to take apart all of the bedroom or household furniture or locate each individual bed bug in the home. Instead, they will undertake proven procedures that are designed to determine the extent of the existing infestation by which they can then recommend the most effective treatment methods.


Bed bug infestation remedies may be available at the store, but they are not as effective as professional pest control services. At best, they will likely fail to eliminate the problem. At worst, they  will cause the bed bug population to spread to other areas of the structure, while also putting people and pests at risk.

Things are different when a licensed bed bug exterminator gets involved. They have access to a variety of treatments that simply aren't available to the average person. Through the inspection process and conversations with the customer, the can technician recommend the best type of treatment based on several factors, including level of infestation, type and size of structure, as well as being a residential or business property.


Regular vacuuming of floors, especially rugs and carpets, may be critical to preventing an infestation as is vacuuming suitcases after returning home from a trip. Mattresses and box springs can be encased in special covers that prevent bed bugs from entering. All secondhand furniture and clothing should be closely inspected and cleaned before bringing them into the home. Take care when using shared laundry facilities. Use bags to transport the laundry, and do not fold clean clothes in a shared space.

With the services of an experienced bed bug exterminator and adherence to proven preventative tips, it is possible to enjoy a home free of bed bugs.


If you suspect you may have a bed bug problem, call us. We will conduct a FREE professional inspection of your home or business within a 10 mile radius of our office, searching for all of the known tell-tale signs of a bed bug problem, in all of the areas that could harbor bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

In the event bed bugs are discovered, we will discuss our findings with you and explain the best treatment options for your situation.
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