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Pests are a natural part of the world around us. In the wild, they frequently perform a useful function like pollination or removing decomposing plant and animal remains. However, when there gets to be too many of these pests, or when they start to come inside Bristol area homes and businesses, serious consequences may ensue.

Some pests create enormous inconvenience. This is true in the case of ants when they invade a kitchen. Spiders are another such pest.  Fleas can be another concern, both indoors and out, and for people and pests alike.  The same can be so with ticks and mosquitoes.

No matter the type or scope of a pest infestation, the trained and well-qualified technicians of SafeGuard Pest Control, LLC are prepared to deal with the problem. Each technician who is employed by Safeguard undergoes a rigorous training period and holds a certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. This makes them well-prepared to meet the challenges of even the most insidious pest infestation.

With decades of experience in local homes and offices, SafeGuard is your ally in the pest control business. We're not satisfied with the job until you are, and our services go well beyond just eliminating pests. We also help property owners to incorporate Integrated Pest Management practices into their everyday lifestyle to minimize the likelihood of a recurrence.


Pest management professionals frequently refer to termites as the "silent destroyers." This is because they may be at work on a structure for years without ever being detected. By the time their activities are noticed, the damage they have caused may be severe.

Other wood destroying insects, or WDI, are almost as destructive. Carpenter ants and carpenter bees are frequent offenders in the Bristol area, but even wood-boring beetles may be a significant threat.

These insects attack the basic components of buildings including foundations, sheetrock, siding and support beams. Furniture, walls and floors similarly are vulnerable. Thousands of dollars in repairs may be necessitated by an infestation.

A full inspection by a knowledgeable SafeGuard technician can quickly uncover the problem. Alternatively, if you are buying or selling a property, you can rely on SafeGuard to perform a dependable Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report.


Though tiny, bed bugs are capable of causing an outsized amount of fear. That is because this pest feeds on the blood of sleeping victims.

It sounds like something from a horror movie, but for many Bristol residents, it is a stark reality. Bed bugs are exceptionally good at hiding, and they may be able to resist all DIY pest control methods. This is why professional intervention is the key to ending bed bug infestations.

Trust a well-trained SafeGuard technician to eliminate bed bugs from your home or business.


Normally helpful pollinators, bees and wasps may become a problem when they take up residence within or too close to human habitations.

With nests of stinging insects living within or near a building, the threat of attacks becomes too real. People may begin to fear going outdoors as many of these species become aggressive when they believe that their nest is compromised.

A SafeGuard pest control technician helps to put stinging marauders in their place. With their assistance, there is no need to fear going outdoors or to worry about the structural damage that a nest hidden within a wall void may cause.


Perhaps no pest represents quite the same level of threat as rodents do. Ranging from field mice to Norway rats, these furry, four-legged creatures signal massive headaches for home and business owners.

Rodents are notoriously filthy, and they have a practice of eating and contaminating human foods. The risks of contracting an illness from having rodents in the places where people live and work are compelling. No one should have to share indoor spaces with rodents.

Contact SafeGuard's Bristol office to find out how they can quickly, effectively and safely rid any property of a rodent infestation. Their assistance makes it possible to enjoy a healthy and hygienic environment once again.
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