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From the tiniest ants to the largest rodents, pests are an everyday fact of life. They disrupt households and prevent the normal operation of businesses across Levittown on a regular basis. The threats they pose include not only causing unhygienic conditions in the places where people live and work but also damage to structures and serious health complications.

Fortunately, the trained technicians at SafeGuard Pest Control, LLC are prepared to help Levittown residents deal with even the worst pest infestations. Each one of them is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, making them well-qualified to handle infestations of ants, bees, hornets, spiders, fleas, mosquitoes and other common pests.

SafeGuard has been serving Pennsylvania residents for nearly three decades with comprehensive pest control services. This includes a full program of Integrated Pest Management techniques that are designed to help maintain pest-free residences and businesses.


Each year, wood destroying insects cause billions of dollars in damage to property across the United States. Many of these pests perform their destructive work under cover of darkness and in places such as attics and basements where people rarely go. This enables the infestation to thrive, causing widespread damage that may be costly to repair.

Termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and wood-boring beetles all are common pests in the Levittown area. Fortunately, experienced pest control technicians are adept at locating infestations of these pests and eradicating them. Because they understand the habits and behavior of these species, they are able to identify them and employ the most effective extermination techniques.

SafeGuard's knowledgeable technicians are also available to complete Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports at the request of Realtors and lenders.

When an infestation of wood destroying insects is suspected, homeowners are encouraged to seek professional assistance.


Bed bug infestations are becoming a more common phenomenon thanks to increased travel. These tiny pests are surprisingly adept at concealing themselves on clothing, bags or furniture, which means that they can be introduced to a new location with ease.

Once inside, bed bugs hide in and around beds to give them a better opportunity to obtain a blood meal from a human host. This is why the mere idea of a bed bug infestation is enough to send most people calling for the exterminator.

Getting rid of bed bug infestations through do-it-yourself measures can be difficult, if not nearly impossible. However, trained, licensed pest control professionals have the knowledge, equipment and training that are necessary to successfully rid any property of bed bugs.


Helpful pollinators in the natural world, bees and wasps can wreak havoc when they establish a colony too close to human habitations. Their nests can cause structural damage if they are built inside wall voids, and many people become nervous when aggressive, stinging insects are constantly in close proximity.

However, the problems associated with a bee or wasp infestation may be even more serious when a person with an allergy to stings lives or works on the premises. For them, a single sting may be life-threatening.

Whether a person with a known allergy is present or not, it is always advisable to rely on experienced pest control technicians to eradicate a troubling infestation of stinging insects.


Rodents found in the Levittown area come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, many of them make their way inside homes and offices looking for a meal and a place to live.

Infamous for their habit of chewing on everything, rodents are ingenious when it comes to finding, or making, ways to get into buildings. They establish nests inside cupboards, drawers, closets and furniture, tearing up linens and other items as they go.

Rodents also make their way into food supplies that are intended for human or pet consumption. All of these edible items are then contaminated and must be disposed of properly.

In addition to property damage and the destruction of food, rodents have long been known to spread bacteria and viruses that may cause serious illnesses. Some of these sicknesses are transmitted via a bite, but others are contracted through exposure to rodent urine or droppings, which means that rodents should never be allowed to remain in places where people live and work.

SafeGuard's qualified technicians stand ready to solve even the most persistent rodent infestations. With their intervention, it is possible to enjoy hygienic surroundings once more.
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