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When pests invade, it is rarely a good idea to handle the problem without the help of professional pest control. This is because pests can have an adverse effect on the health and safety of the property's occupants. Moreover, some pests cause structural damage that can be costly to repair.

Pest management services are designed to provide safe and effective solutions that give customers healthier surroundings and peace of mind. With preventive pest control measures, it is possible to keep your Bensalem area home or office pest free, which maintains its value and ensures the safety of the people, pets and beneficial wildlife that frequent the location.


Pests are an unfortunate reality for any Bensalem area home or office. Like other living creatures, they need food, water and shelter. They find the means to satisfy these needs in nature for the most part. However, the determination to survive compels them to continuously seek new sources of sustenance and more secure nesting conditions. This may lead them to invade a home or business.

While some pests, such as spiders, are more of a nuisance than anything else, the same cannot be said for other pests. A colony of termites living in a basement can cause extensive structural damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. An infestation of Norway rats may spread disease and filth throughout the building, causing sickness and exposing people and pets to potentially life-threatening consequences.

The services of an experienced exterminator can put an end to pest infestations of all descriptions. With regular treatments, it is possible for people to ensure that their living and working conditions are clean and healthful and that they are not unknowingly harboring a dangerous pest in their midst.


Many people are initially tempted to deal with the problem themselves when they fear that they have an issue. However, this is rarely a good idea.

Pest control products are available to average consumers. They can be found in grocery stores and variety stores. The effectiveness of these products varies greatly. Many are not powerful enough to treat the problem. Moreover, do-it-yourself treatments frequently treat the symptoms but do not get to the source of the problem, which may be a sizable nest.

What's more, all of these products have the potential to be hazardous to people, pets and the environment. This is especially true when they are improperly used and placed. Should a child or pet accidentally come into contact with or ingest these products, the consequences could be dire.

When a professional exterminator is called in to deal with the situation instead, property owners can rest assured that these well-trained and licensed professionals are thoroughly qualified to seek out, identify and eradicate any unwanted guest. They do so without posing a threat to people, pets or the environment.

A pest technician is an indispensable ally when mysterious species seem to be taking over a property. They have stronger pest treatment methods at their disposal, and when these methods are used in a safe manner, they are incredibly effective.


When customers contact an exterminator, they should expect an experienced technician to visit the property without delay and begin with a thorough inspection of the property.

Technicians are trained to seek out problem species regardless of where they may lurk. Accordingly, it may be necessary for the technician to inspect basements, attics, crawl spaces, garages, sheds and other out-of-the-way places. This enables him to detect any and all pest species that may be infesting the property.

Due to extensive training, the pest technician is able to identify all of the pest species that are commonly found in the Bensalem region. This is critical because proper identification is the key to choosing the appropriate treatment methods.

Pest services may be sought for the following species:


The technician also goes over prevention measures that can minimize the odds of a later infestation occurring. Common precautions include trimming trees and bushes so that they do not contact building exteriors, sealing up cracks and holes and repairing plumbing leaks. When combined with treatments, these and other prevention measures help to ensure a pest-free home and workplace.


Seeing the occasional honey bee out in the garden or a stray fly that makes it inside a home is no cause for concern. After all, the reality is that pests are everywhere.

Nonetheless, problems may arise when encounters with insects, arachnids or rodents occur frequently. This suggests that there may be a nearby nest, which may even be located inside the structure.

Any time that rodents are spotted inside a building or are frequently seen in close proximity to a building's exterior, it makes sense to call a trained exterminator without delay. Rodents are a serious cause for concern because of their known propensity for spreading illness to people and pets. Moreover, as they move through a house, they leave behind a trail of filth that may prove to be dangerous. Mice and rats similarly are known for their prodigious gnawing. Capable of chewing through just about anything, members of these species have been known to cause house fires and significant water leaks.

Property owners who suspect that they have a carpenter ant or termite infestation also are recommended to seek pest management services without delay. These destructive pests gnaw through the wooden components in and around buildings. Without proper treatment, the problem can become widespread. These pests may cause thousands of dollars in damage in a surprisingly short period.

Swift action also is needed when people suspect that they have a bed bug infestation. These rapidly reproducing pests can become an out-of-control problem within just a few days or weeks. However, it is possible to achieve peace of mind and a cleaner home with one treatment.


Each customer is unique. Accordingly, the technician may recommend a one-time treatment or an ongoing program of services. These are frequently offered on a quarterly basis, but more frequent or occasional services further may be available.

Pest species like ants, bees, fleas, cockroaches, mice and rats may be eliminated with a single treatment. A one-time treatment typically includes a 90-day warranty. If the problem returns during this time, the customer is entitled to a free re-treatment, or a refund if the problem persists and cannot be resolved.

The quarterly service plan is available for all sorts of pests. A  technician visits the property every three months to use treatment and preventative methods. If additional treatments are needed between scheduled appointments, they are performed without charge.

Specialized plans for the treatment of termites, combined termites and pest control, bedbugs, and mosquitoes are also available. Regardless of what kind of pest is infesting the property, there is a people and pet safe treatment plan for eradicating it.

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