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Using a pest pro can save money, time, and frustration.


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Pests are a major concern for home and business owners across Levittown. While some pests are a mere nuisance, others are a legitimate threat to health and safety.

Panic may set in when an infestation is suspected, but this is the time to keep calm and call a reputable pest management company. A pest inspection, which can be completed in as little as an hour, is all that is required to determine which species may be wreaking havoc on the property. Proper identification is a vital step toward effective treatment and employing proper preventative measures.

Taking a closer look at the importance of pest control and what is involved in pest management services is an excellent way to make a knowledgeable and informed decision.


It is essential for property owners to work with a pest management professional for several reasons. Foremost among these is the need to protect the property's occupants from health problems.

Ask any public health professional, and they will tell you that one of the main reasons that the quality of life in America is so high today is because of the availability of pest prevention services. Pests commonly found in the Levittown area such as mosquitoes, ticks and a variety of rodents all spread diseases. Mosquitoes may transmit several illnesses that include Zika and the West Nile Virus. Ticks are known to carry Lyme disease, and rodents are capable of carrying Hantavirus, which may be fatal to humans.

Additionally, millions of people across the country are subject to allergic reactions after being stung by an insect. When serious enough, these reactions can prove to be fatal. Other people who have asthma and respiratory illnesses are adversely affected by the waste products of pests or the byproducts of their digging, boring and tunneling activities.

Preventative pest control also is important because it keeps food supplies clean and safe to eat. Every year, thousands of dollars in food must be thrown out because it has been contaminated by the presence of pests. If consumed, these contaminated food items easily could cause serious illnesses.

Aside from health threats and food waste, the other important reason for engaging pest control services is to protect property and personal belongings. Termites and carpenter ants represent a direct threat to structural integrity, and many pests are capable of damaging ordinary items like furniture, books, clothing and linens.


Consumers know that pest prevention and treatment products are available at retailers across the Levittown area. Most of these treatments are cheap and readily available, so why call a pest management professional?

The reality is that DIY pest control treatments generally are not powerful and effective enough to get the job done. They may be able to treat some portion of the problem, but they rarely get to the source. Frequently, this involves finding and eradicating the nest where the pests are hiding.

Further, DIY pest management tends not to be effective because of improper identification. Unless the identity of the troublesome pest can be definitively confirmed, the control methods will never work.

A pest management professional has the training, experience and knowledge that are necessary to get the task done correctly.


A pest technician is trained to locate and identify all invasive creatures on the property. This is accomplished with a thorough pest inspection, which may involve investigating basements, crawlspaces, attics, garages and outbuildings where pest infestations frequently are found.

Once the pests have been identified, the technician recommends appropriate treatments. In some cases, a one-time treatment is all that is necessary. Other situations may require ongoing care.

The precise treatments provided by the pest management professional will vary depending upon the pest involved. Custom treatments will be designed to suit the particular property and the season so that year-round protection is possible.

Many of the strongest pest control products last for a period of 60 to 90 days before biodegrading. This means that re-treatment may be necessary to treat ongoing infestations and to prevent new ones.

These are just a few of the pests that SafeGuard treats for:

• Ants
• Bees
• Carpenter ants
• Field mice
• House mice
• Norway rats
• Roof rats
• Spiders
• Termites
• Wasps and Hornets

SafeGuard will also treat for any other pests that may be infesting the property.


Spotting an occasional spider around the property is hardly a reason to call in reinforcements. However, there are certain signs that indicate that pest services are required.

For instance, if any preventative or control measures that are currently underway seem to be failing, it is definitely time to call for professional assistance. This is also the case when DIY pest control simply becomes too much to handle for the property owner. When feeling overwhelmed, it is always advisable to engage a pest management professional.

Any home where children or pets are living similarly requires pest control services. Children and pets are particularly vulnerable to the side effects of a pest infestation. This makes swift action necessary. Fortunately, professional exterminators have access to child and pet safe pest control products. When used appropriately, these treatments pose no threat to people or animals. A well-trained technician can employ these products and methods without risk.

Professional pest control also is an absolute necessity when property owners suspect that a certain, particularly threatening species in infesting the home. This includes rodents, which are widely recognized for their tendency to spread filth and illness wherever they roam. It also is true for termites, a species that is known to cause wholesale property destruction under cover of darkness. If treatment measures are not taken as soon as a termite infestation is discovered, the property owners may be stuck with spending thousands of dollars in repair bills to fix the structural damage to the building.


A one-time treatment may be sufficient to deal with some pest problems. Such treatments involve an inspection of the property to look for the telltale signs of a pest infestation. The technician then discusses the findings of the inspection with the property owner, making common-sense recommendations for treatment and preventative measures.

Alternatively, the technician may recommend a quarterly pest control plan. This also begins with a thorough inspection and a discussion of the findings and a proposed treatment plan. The technician performs the initial treatment, then returns every three months to provide additional treatments and ensure pest prevention.

Whether troubled by bed bugs or roof rats, pests are a serious matter that deserve your attention. Not only does the health and welfare of your family depend upon reliable pest management services but also the integrity and safety of your property are ensured by such treatments. Whenever a pest infestation is suspected in your Levittown home or office, a professional pest control provider should be consulted.

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