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Using a pest pro can save money, time, and frustration.


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When faced with a pest infestation, most people’s natural reaction these days is to head to the local home improvement store and grab the latest pest control supplies. These might include sprays, baits, foams, traps, chemicals, and other various methods of eradication. Advertisements promote the idea that any project, no matter how big or small, can be taken on - and conquered - by the average homeowner. This might be true for some tasks, but pest eradication and control is not one of them. Only a licensed, experienced professional can employ the best pest control methods.


Homes and offices are considered to be well-sealed spaces, enough so that heat and air does not escape, and the people inside aren’t affected by the weather. However, because pests are relatively small (including rodents), they can find openings that often go overlooked. A professional exterminator is skilled in rooting out these locations, whether they are cracks in the foundation, small holes in the shingles, or gaps around the putty where plumbing enters the building. Generally, homeowners and business owners are not trained to find these openings, and when DIY pest control methods are employed, the openings often go untreated.


Another reason you should always consider hiring a certified technician for pest control is because pests - whether they are insects or rodents - often come back. Initial eradication might seem like a positive solution, however, insects have been around for hundreds of millions of years because they are determined creatures. They will eventually find their way back into your home again if seasonal treatments are not applied.


DIY - or Do-it-Yourself has become a popular fad, and people have taken on projects they normally would not have in the past, given the plethora of information that is available. In the case of pest control, DIY should instead be “Don’t Involve Yourself.” Why? There are many reasons why you should leave the pest control to the professionals:

Insects and rodents carry with them their own element of danger. Many people are allergic to certain insect bites or stings, and rodents can carry diseases. This risk is better left to a certified technician who is trained in pest eradication.

Bugs and rodents are crafty creatures by design. They find the smallest gaps to gain entrance into your home or business. An experienced pest control provider is skilled in finding these openings, (oftentimes underneath the building) whereas the average homeowner is not.

For optimal eradication, determining the insect or rodent species is invaluable information. A trained and experienced technician will be able to successfully identify the pest that is invading the property. Pest control for mice.

Certain insects and rodents have been known to harbor disease, or cause health problems in humans. For complete, quick, and successful pest extermination, it is best to contact your local pest control provider.

The treatments available for pest control are often available by special permit only. This means that homeowners and individuals don’t have access to the premium extermination methods available - and ‘half an eradication’ is an unsuccessful one.

After correctly identifying the pests and specifying the correct treatment methods, a pest control provider will also know how much of the treatment to apply. Too little of an application means that the pests are not exterminated. Too much of an application may cause health problems in pets and small children.


While ridding your home or business of pests is best accomplished using a professional pest control company due to all of the intricacies involved, there are steps you can take to help avoid future infestations.

Make it a point to inspect the outside of your home or business regularly. Any cracks or crevices should be immediately sealed. Look for cracked moldings or siding, broken window frames and untreated wood.

Insects and rodents don’t enter the home to torment you; they are looking for food and water. Keep trash and garbage cans sealed, and make sure to empty trash bins as often as required for cleanliness.

A clean kitchen keeps bugs and rodents away. If they can’t smell food that’s been left out, crumbs, or other type of organic debris, they are less likely to venture into the home.

Proper landscaping around the property - making sure no shrubbery or trees touch the building - will eliminate this “bug highway.”

Consider the obvious openings like screens and windows. Keep these in good working order and make sure there are no openings large enough for insects to crawl through.


Pests, both rodents and insects, have their own set of survival techniques and attempting to fight them on your own could prove not just unsuccessful, but dangerous. There are some pests, in particular, that only a certified technician should take care of, and these include:

Bed bugs can survive for months on just one meal. They are more difficult to exterminate than most any other insect, and can hide in unusual places.  Pest control for bed bugs.

Wood boring bees, termites, and ants can cause severe structural damage which can lead to financial loss.

Insects that bite and sting can send people to the ER, and for those that are allergic, severe health issues can develop.

Homeowners and business owners should never attempt to capture or kill wildlife on their property. Various diseases like rabies can result in an urgent issue.

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