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The Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report, also known as a WDI, is needed for the purchase or refinancing of a home through VA, FHA, HUD and many private lenders in most states.

The purpose of a Real Estate WDI report is to detect any visible evidence of termites, wood boring beetles, carpenter ants or carpenter bees present in a structure. The dwelling is inspected by a professional, trained to provide accurate detection of wood boring insects.

This report details any evidence of carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood boring beetles and termites that were discovered. Visible evidence can include the existence of dead or live insects, nests, tubes, as well as various types of damage including weak spots in the floor, window frames, walls, doors, and baseboards.

Sites that may not be accessible to the professional inspector include areas such as crawl spaces, portions of crawl spaces that are limited in space, blocked crawlspaces, or crawlspaces with no entry point. Other areas include behind walls and locations that do not allow access due to thick vegetative growth.

In most instances, the seller is required to eradicate any  infestation prior to the completion of any real estate transaction.  Additionally, the seller is the party most often responsible for the purchasing of the WDI report and that of the pest control provider in the event such is required.



Home buyers are encouraged to purchase a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report and be available during the inspection process.  Doing so will ensure that the buyer is aware of any infestation and consequently assist in making the best home-buying decision possible.


The Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report is intended to inform both buyer and seller of any visible evidence of wood boring insects in and around the structure. The WDI inspection report is dependent solely on a visible infestation and is not intended to serve as a guarantee that the home is free of all wood destroying insects; it is the inspector’s conclusions about the visible conditions regarding past and current infestations.

In the event wood destroying insects are discovered, the best course of action for the seller is to inform prospective buyers of the findings in order to avoid future legal ramifications and to enhance the sale ability of the home.



Real estate agents representing the buyer should be prepared to answer an array of questions typically associated with Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports, including:

Why are termite inspections required?

Your client is entitled to have a full termite and wood destroying insect inspection report conducted by an experienced, licensed, inspector.

What will the inspection report reveal for your client?

The client will be told of any visible evidence of any past treatments for termites or other wood boring pests.  Additionally, this inspection will reveal the presence of any visible damage past or present due to wood destroying insects.


Real estate agents representing the seller should be able to explain some additional questions regarding Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports.  These would include:

Why are WDI inspections necessary?

Due to their ability to remain undetected for long periods of time, sellers may not know of the existence of termite or other wood destroying insects.  As such the WDI report is needed in order to inform both buyer and seller of any visible signs of damage associated with wood destroying insects.

When should WDI inspections be performed?

Termite inspections should be conducted at soon after the home is placed for sale.  This permits ample time for the seller to properly resolve any issues that may arise in the event that evidence of past or present problems with wood destroying insect are found. 


Do not rely on a home inspection company to conduct a WDI Report (termite inspection for the sale of a home).

SafeGuard Pest Control, LLC. Is a licensed, experienced pest control professional that has been providing Bucks County area homes and businesses with Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports for nearly 30 years The WDI reports we issue are performed by trained, Pennsylvania Certified Pesticide Applicators.  We can provide reports instantly from location via email or text.

We provide WDI reports for the following:

• Residential properties
• Commercial properties
• Lending institutions
• Builders
• Mortgage brokers
• Property managers

Don't leave termite matters to an untrained eye. Contact SafeGuard to arrange a professional inspection. We will then provide you with a customized, individualized assessment and treatment plan in the event that termites or other wood destroying insects are discovered.

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