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When a borrower is buying or refinancing a home, they must comply with numerous requirements. This is especially true when the borrower is using a HUD, FHA or VA home loan. One of the most critical of these requirements is the Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report.

Conveniently called the WDI Report, this document is designed to protect the home buyer and the lender. Structures that have been damaged by carpenter ants, termites, wood boring beetles or carpenter bees may require extensive repairs. Therefore a thorough inspection by a professional is a critical portion of the home buying or refinancing process.

During the review, the pest control technician will inspect for any signs that wood-damaging insects have infested the property. If the infestation is ongoing, the current owner likely will be required to hire a professional exterminator to deal with the problem. Additionally, structural repairs may need to be made before the new loan receives final approval.

Evidence of damage from insects can take many forms. Sometimes, simply seeing living or dead insects can provide insight into the overall condition of the structure. Other evidence of an infestation may include the presence of a nest, mud tubes on walls or near the exterior of the structure and telltale damage to the building itself.



Buyers need to be vigilant to ensure that they are making a sound investment. Asking for a WDI Report is a natural part of this vigilance, as is being present for the inspection. Being present ensures prompt delivery of vital information so that the buyer can make a fully informed decision regarding whether to proceed with the purchase.


The WDI Report and inspection process is equally as important to the seller. They may have had a wood-destroying insect problem for years without being aware of it. With the inspection, they have an opportunity to correct this problem, but the current sale of the home may be jeopardized if an issue is discovered. Promises to deal with the infestation and any damage may save the sale. It will be necessary to disclose the findings in the WDI Report to any other potential buyers.



Many home buyers, especially those who are new to the process, are bound to have several questions about the WDI Report. It is critical that Realtors be prepared to answer these questions. Some of the most common buyer queries include:

• Why is a WDI inspection necessary?
• What if the inspection has not been performed?
• What do we do if the inspection discovers an infestation?

Realtors can provide information and reassurance when they are needed most. Let buyers know that the inspection is necessary to ensure the quality and safety of the property, and that the inspection should ideally take place soon after the house goes on the market. If one has not already been performed, it may behoove the buyer to ask for one. Additionally, the buyer has the right to back out of a deal or request repairs before moving forward if an infestation is discovered.


As a real estate professional, it is wise to recommend having the WDI inspection performed before the house even goes on the market. This way, the seller can take a proactive approach if an infestation is discovered. However, it is not unusual for many sellers to wonder why such inspections and reports are even necessary.

The answer is that many wood-destroying insect infestations may happen without the homeowner even being aware of the problem. It is better to know now and take curative action than it is to have the problem discovered later. This is especially true after a sale has been completed, because the buyer may be able to take costly legal action if they believe that the seller did not make accurate representations regarding the state of the property. 


A general home inspection company may not be the most knowledgeable professional when it comes to preparing WDI Reports. These inspectors simply do not have the training and experience that make it possible for them to spot the sometimes subtle indications of the presence of wood-destroying insects.

At SafeGuard Pest Control, all technicians who perform WDI inspections and prepare WDI Reports are licensed, well-trained and experienced. SafeGuard has been operating in the Warminster area for more than three decades, making them the company that homeowners and potential buyers can trust for reliable results.

SafeGuard Pest Control provides thorough inspections of residential and commercial properties that are being prepared for sale.

We provide WDI reports for the following:

• Buyers
• Builders
• Contractors
• Managers of multi-family dwellings
• Managers of commercial and industrial sites
• Banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders

Property owners and managers who rely on SafeGuard Pest Control to perform WDI inspections in Warminster receive several distinct advantages. The technician who performs the inspection genuinely understands the habits and behaviors of the various species of wood-destroying insects that are common in the region. This enables quick, accurate diagnosis of an issue. Additionally, the inspectors from SafeGuard can efficiently arrange for extermination of the infesting species in a manner that is safe for people, pets and the environment. This means that the property can be more rapidly prepared for sale, and that it is more likely that a deal can be reached with a purchaser.

Do not leave termite matters to an untrained eye.

Contact SafeGuard Pest Control to schedule a WDI inspection and to receive a fully customized WDI Report in the Warminster area, along with an individualized assessment and treatment plan in the event that termites or other wood destroying insects are discovered.

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