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Wood Destroying Insect Inspections (WDI Reports) are required by HUD, FHA, VA, and most private lenders when purchasing or refinancing a property in order to provide full disclosure of the presence of wood-destroying insects which include wood boring beetles, termites, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants.

To obtain this report, a trained professional inspects the property for any visible signs of these insects. This report covers only readily accessible areas of the home. Both past and current evidence of infestations are noted in the report, and when it is completed the report details any evidence of carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood boring beetles and termites that were discovered. Visible evidence can include the existence of dead or live insects, nests, tubes, as well as various types of damage including weak spots in the floor, window frames, walls, doors, and baseboards.

Sites that may not be accessible to the professional inspector include areas such as crawl spaces, portions of crawl spaces that are limited in space, blocked crawlspaces, or crawlspaces with no entry point. Other areas include behind walls and locations that do not allow access due to thick vegetative growth.

Areas of potential infestation are also noted in the WDI Report. These sites often include locations outside but near the dwelling such as landscaping issues, and the existence of stacked lumber or firewood inside or directly outside of the home.

The seller is, in most cases, responsible for treating any infestation that is discovered before any real estate transaction is complete. The seller is also generally responsible for paying for the report and choosing the pest control company that ultimately provides it.



If you are in the process of making a home purchase, we encourage you to join the inspector during his inspection of the home. This is to keep you abreast of the locations the inspector was able to access, and which were inaccessible, for your own knowledge. This information will allow you to make a more informed decision regarding the purchase of the home.


The purpose of the WDI Inspection Report is so both seller and buyer are aware of any visible evidence of wood boring insects in and around the dwelling. It is important for both parties to be aware that WDI may still exist within the home in locations that the inspector was not able to enter. The WDI Inspection Report itself does not stand as a guarantee that the home is free of all wood destroying insects; it is the inspector’s conclusions about the visible conditions regarding past and current infestations.

It is recommended that the seller be transparent about any known insect activity, to avoid possible future legal ramifications and in the spirit of cooperation for the enhanced sale ability of the home.



If you are a real estate agent who is representing the buyer of the home, keep in mind these answers to typical questions the buyer may have regarding WDI Inspection Reports.

Why are WDI inspections mandatory?

When purchasing a home, the client should be informed of any past or current damage caused by wood boring insects. This information should be acquired by a licensed and trained professional and compiled into a detailed report compiled after a thorough inspection of the premises.

Our inspectors at SafeGuard, LLC. have  decades of experience inspecting thousands of homes and businesses within the tri-state area.

What will the client learn from the WDI Inspection Report?

The report will outline all of the visible evidence of termites, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, and carpenter bees that were found in and around the property. This includes structural damage.


If you are representing the seller of the home, be aware of these questions that may be asked regarding the WDI Inspection Report.

Why are WDI inspections necessary?

The seller might not be aware of the past or current termite infestations or damage in or around the home. The report is necessary so both buyer and seller can be made aware of any issues before completing the purchase.

When is the best time to complete the inspection?

The best time to perform a termite inspection is immediately after the home is put up for sale. This will enable the seller to deal with any issues if they are present, before transaction paperwork by a potential buyer is submitted. Also, lending institutions will not provide funding for a mortgage until treatment for the wood boring insects has been applied.


Home inspection companies are not as well equipped to provide a WDI Inspection Report as a professional pest control company. Regardless of whether the buyer or the seller requests the report, it should be completed by a trained professional with a trained eye.

Reports issued by SafeGuard Pest Control LLC. are performed by experienced Pennsylvania Certified Pesticide Applicators. Our reports can be transmitted instantaneously from the inspection location by text or email.

We offer WDI Inspection Reports for:

Commercial Properties
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Contact SafeGuard LLC to perform a professional inspection so both seller and buyer can be equipped with the necessary knowledge regarding wood destroying insects. In the event that damage or evidence of the pests is discovered, SafeGuard can provide you with customized treatment program to eliminate the infestation and restore your peace of mind.

Don't leave wood destroying insect matters to an untrained eye.

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