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Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports, commonly known as WDI, are required prior to the sale or refinancing of a home. This requirement applies to dwellings financed through VA, FHA and HUD.

The purpose of a Real Estate WDI report is to detect any visible evidence of termites, wood boring beetles, carpenter ants or carpenter bees present in a structure. The dwelling is inspected by a professional, trained to provide accurate detection of wood boring insects. The current owner is usually responsible for treating any reported infestation before the transaction can be completed.

The Wood Destroying Insect inspection covers the visually accessible areas of the home. Upon completion of the inspection, a report details any evidence of termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and wood boring beetles.

A comprehensive report will also specify any areas of potential infestation, for example, firewood in or around the home or landscaping, etc. All WDI inspections use a reporting format recognized in most states. It is also the preferred format for VA, FHA and HUD mortgages.



If you are the buyer of a home, we recommend that you order a WDI inspection and accompany the inspector during the inspection process and examination. This ensures that you will know what was seen by the inspector and those areas of the dwelling that were inaccessible. In this way, you can make a better decision on the purchase of the home you are considering


The seller and buyer involved in the sale should be aware that the WDI inspection report covers only the conclusions of the inspector, based on the visible condition of the dwelling on the date of the inspection.

Wood-destroying insects choose places that can be impossible to detect. The reliability of the WDI inspection report is dependent solely on infestation that can be seen. The WDI inspection report is not a guarantee that the dwelling is free of these insects.

The best approach for the seller of a home is to openly acknowledge the presence of insect activity and damage to the house and to address it if necessary. This approach increases your home's sale ability and avoids potential legal problems after the home is sold.



If you represent the buyer, here are helpful questions and answers to consider:

Why are termite inspections required?

Your client is entitled to have a full termite and wood destroying insect inspection report conducted by an experienced, licensed, inspector.

What will the inspection report tell the client?

Your client will be informed of any visible evidence of previous treatment for termites or other wood destroying insects. The inspection report will also reveal any visible, current or previous, damage to the structure from termites and other wood destroying insects.


If you represent the Seller of the home, there are several helpful questions and answers to consider. These include:

Why are termite inspections necessary?

The reason termite inspections are necessary is to ensure that the buyer is aware of any past or present wood destroying insect problems in the property or the home. The Seller may or may not be aware of any past or present wood destroying insect problems.

When should the inspection be done?

We recommend an inspection be performed as soon after listing the property as possible and before paperwork is issued. This will indicate if there are any insect problems and give you time to deal with the problem before the buyer enters into the sale.


Do not rely on a home inspection company to conduct a WDI Report (termite inspection for the sale of a home).

SafeGuard Pest Control, LLC. Is a licensed, experienced professional pest control provider. The WDI reports we issue are performed by trained, Pennsylvania Certified Pesticide Applicators.  We can provide reports instantly from location via email or text.

We provide WDI reports for the following:

• Residential properties
• Commercial properties
• Lending institutions
• Builders
• Mortgage brokers
• Property managers

Don't leave termite matters to an untrained eye. Contact SafeGuard to arrange a professional inspection. We will then provide you with a customized, individualized assessment and treatment plan in the event that termites or other wood destroying insects are discovered.

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