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SafeGuard's service plans provide value and flexibility to protect your home and family.


At SafeGuard Pest Control, we realize that every Croydon home and business is unique. That's why we provide our customers with several choices of service plans in order to accommodate their individual needs.  But whichever service plan you choose, you can rest assured that you will receive a thorough inspection, professional treatment by a caring experienced technician, and guaranteed results.


The Quarterly Pest Control Plan begins with a comprehensive inspection of the interior and exterior of the home or business to detect signs of infestation, species identification, and problem areas.  Our technician will  then review the results with the customer, best methods of treatment, and the products and procedures to be used  to effectively destroy the existing pest problem and help protect against re-infestation.

With the Quarterly Pest Control Plan in effect, customers will then receive return visits from SafeGuard every three months. This scheduled treatment process enables our technicians to provide year-round maintenance, and to treat any pest problem that may occur.

The Quarterly Pest Control Plan covers the following pests:

• Ants
• Bees
• Centipedes
• Cockroaches
• Fleas
• Flies
• Hornets
• Mice
• Rats
• Spiders

Another feature of the Quarterly Pest Control Plan is that customers receive additional pest treatments as needed between visits at no charge. 

This plan can be modified to provide monthly treatments for businesses.


SafeGuard's Termite Treatment consists of a professional termite inspection.  Then, if termite eradication is needed, our technicians will apply the correct termiticide necessary for the particular project externally around the  perimeter of the building through the foundation or slab. Upon penetrating the soil, the termiticide will begin exterminating the existing infestation through contact and digestion. The products utilized in out Termite Treatment  also possesses residual properties to help prevent future occurrences.

The Termite Treatment comes with a full warranty and FREE annual inspections for the life of the original warranty.


Many of our customers prefer a combination of a pest and termite control plan for maximum coverage of  their home and/or business property. This combined plan begins with a termite inspection of the premises by our experienced, licensed technician to ensure the structure is free of damaging  termites.

The termite inspection is followed by a full inspection of the interior and exterior of the premise to detect other types of pests. This also helps define the pest problem and type of treatment our service technicians will provide.

Part of this combined plan includes preventative steps to protect customers from future pest problems. Our technicians will discuss the results of their inspections with the customer and provide a schedule of pest control visits that provide ongoing maintenance and future problem resolution when needed.

The benefits of the Pest & Termite Control Plan are:

• Scheduled treatments by our technicians every three months
• Inspection and maintenance to prevent future infestation
• No charge for additional pest control for re-infestation of resistant pests
• Added free inspections for termites

By keeping the Pest & Termite Control Plan current, should termites be detected any residual treatments are fully covered without cost.  The most important benefit of a Pest & Termite Control Plan is the confidence and reliability that we will provide services covered under your plan for termites and pests who damage your home or  business and create potential for illness or disease. Our Pest & Termite Control Plan is cost-effective and restores the value or a home or business.


Our standard Bed Bug Treatment begins with a full bed bug inspection by a company-trained technician.

Next, a treatment specifically designed for penetration is applied to cracks, crevices, and all areas where bed bugs could be hiding.

Then, the primary eradication products are applied to kill the existing bed bug population as well as to help protect agisnt future infestations.

Our standard Bed Bug Treatment includes a follow-up service and warranty


Rats and mice can turn a home or business into a nightmare and cause disease. Our trained technicians provide interior and exterior premises inspection and detect entry points. We use trapping and eradication methods that remove these rodents indoors and out. This service offers a warranty and follow up rodent control.


SafeGuard's professional mosquito treatment process begins with an inspection of areas where  mosquitoes are known to breed and feed. To do this our trained mosquito control technicians inspect areas  where water can easily accumulate since water is essential for breeding.  These areas would include:

• Swimming pools
• Swimming pool covers
• Lawn ornaments
• Bird baths
• Dead trees
• Toys
• Tires
• Holes/low spots in yard

Homes and businesses located near rivers, lakes and streams are particularly vulnerable to mosquitoes that breed in standing and stagnant water.

Our multi-level treatment process involves the use of professional products that attract and kill mosquitoes,  effectively controlling and inhibiting breeding.  This process also invloves treating around structures,  shrubbery and trees, up to a level of 20 feet. And, for optimal effectiveness, a 100-foot protective barrier is  created and maintained.

This process ensures that our customers are able to enjoy the use of their properties without threats of  disease-carrying mosquitoes for up to 30 days.

Additionally, our monthly mosquito service will guarantee a mosquito-free environment outdoors night and  day, all season long.


Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports, commonly known as WDI, are required prior to the sale or refinancing of a home. This requirement applies to dwellings financed through VA, FHA and HUD.

SafeGuard Pest Control, LLC. offers quick, WDI reports issued by certified pest control professionals.  Our WDI reports can be provided instantly from location via email or text for:

• Residential properties
• Commercial properties
• Lending institutions
• Builders
• Mortgage brokers
• Property managers
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